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About me

Hello everybody!


I am a very excited mexican who started taking pictures as a random thing, but now I feel that this is what I want to do with my life. I study fashion design and work as an assistant in an accounting firm weird right? But work is work.


My photos should always have a story behind and every person who sees them feel different emotions. I like to add intensity but softness, color but with dark tones. I love showing details on the skin and textures. When I take pictures I like to move to find different angles of the model.All of this photoshoots are taken in my house with an improvised studio, random places around my city and the most important thing is that I have people who support me when it comes to taking pictures and doing crazy things with me.

I want my work in magazines like Interview, V, iD, Nylon, Dazed which have an avant-garde style and that all the photoshots they use seem spontaneous, with different models, they are not afraid to break the rules, creative but careful at the same time. And also do campaigns for designers and brands.

This website, my instagram and VSCO account are my everything (literally), here is the real me, my art & creativity.

So I hope you enjoy all of this and let me know your thoughts & of course all collabs are open!

Florencia Mf


2nd Place

Canonista 2017

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